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Canadian Advanced Health Center
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The Canadian Advanced Health Center has been in Toronto, Canada since early 1990s. The Center provides a new type of Health Recovery Mode. The establishment and development of the Center is not a coincidence, it is the result of the exigent needs for health of people and is the product of this era. The modern lifestyle of the 20th century has created gigantic benefit, it has also brought with it many negative consequences to our health.  The incidence of many deadly chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and obesity has increased dramatically. Because the vast scopes of these problems, it is difficult for the Western medicine to cover all areas.  The Western medication may be effective in treating illnesses in some ways, it may cause some side-effects for patients as well.

It was because of the deterioration of the living environment and the serious challenges our health is facing that inflamed the founders of our Center the desire and determination to search for new mode of healing and ways to achieve wellness. In order to reach these goals, they have absorbed fully the research findings of modern life science and the essence of traditional Eastern and Western medicine, investigated thoroughly the nature of life and health as well as their relationships between natural ecological environment and social ecological environment, ultimately they formed a complete set of unique and scientific health concepts, culminated in the creation of the Revitalize Theory. This theory includes not only the essence of modern and traditional medicine, but is also blended into with the latest research results of modern energy medicine, functional medicine, environmental medicine, and nutrition. The Revitalize Theory has been further enriched and improved in the clinical practices of the Canadian Advanced Health Center.